Ruby Thai Showcase


For the first day off in a long time, I actually tried a different food spot this time. Ruby Thai, located in the South Bay Galleria, was quite the meal. Despite the fact that I would normally go for steamed rice when it comes to these plate combinations, based from the experiences of one of our co-workers he implied we tried the fried rice. It was okay, at least to my particular food pallet, it felt like something was missing. The Thai Basil Beef and the Pineapple Chicken was on point though, a definite blast of flavor that could compliment a batch of well made assorted rice or just the norm. In the case of the tossed stir-fry noodles, they had a unique taste to them that could connect with whatever blend of meat/sides that you chose, which is a bit different than the usual blend of noodles and veggies from spots similar to Ruby Thai. For my final rating, I’ll give it a 8.5/10, no gripes whatsoever. I consider this a place that I would definitely re-visit if it was within the area when I do travel, though some other reviews may say otherwise.


The Extra Option


It’s been day three since I actually returned to working out on a regular basis again. For the majority of the time, I would usually take long walks and routes to my destination for the option of it being a actual workout. As of recently, a good friend of mines invited me to the gym with him…this actually turned out to be a different, but unique experience. The end result turned out as above, a quick dinner of Jasmine Rice, a whole boiled egg on top of fresh spinach with a homemade low-fat caesar dressing, a spoonful of also homemade mashed potatoes with a hint of garlic, and for the extra addition (it was a option for everyone), 5 of the Panko Breaded Chicken Nuggets from Tyson, which can only be found at Costco around here. Besides the mini-catastrophe known as my desk, he whole meal turned out to be surprisingly amazing and stuck to me for the rest of the day, which is actually a good thing. I’m not a fan of breakfast, but I’m slowly but surely attempting to grow out of that habit of skipping out.

Labor Day Weekend


We had some beautiful weather in California for this Labor Day Weekend. To finish off our extremely busy work week, a few of my co-workers decided to throw a little backyard BBQ lunch at Eucalyptus Park. Also to top it off, it was definitely a fresh breath of air for once. Plenty of fun, had time to catch up with each other since we’ve been moved to different positions over the past few months, and nothing but straight hilarity to boot. I’ll have more photos to show once all of them are uploaded, we took a LOT of them for laughs, and I may actually post up a small video too.

Enjoying Lunch Break


A sample of my current lunch…a Alaska Pollock burger with guacamole, sauteed peppers, low fat monterey jack cheese, fresh spinach and guacamole as the base with a side of black bean chips turned out to be more than what I expected. This has been my go to lunch for the past week now, and it’s gotten be through even the longest of work days. I actually hoped that I took a better picture of it…

Returning to Basics


Despite all the extra options that were available for me to eat during these past few weeks, I’m doing my best to stay close to my original goal of changing how I eat. Picking up where I left off in the case of going back to eating breakfast on a regular basis, this lead me to actually experiment one day with dinner and found this recipe of steamed jasmine rice, a broccoli and cauliflower mix, and pan fried boneless chicken breast with a coat of sweet but a little more spicy sauce as the base. Prepped and cooked within 35 to 45 minutes, this plate turned out much more refreshing than I initially expected. I had made a nice portion of extras that I actually can use for lunch breaks at work, or even a quick meal when at home. The final result for this particular experimental dish? I can definitely see myself using this recipe in the near future for a good go-to lunch at anytime or as a filler meal after a heavy day of cardio or exercise. It actually feels light on the stomach but at the same time filling in a good way. After this dish, I’m curious to experiment a little bit more with main dishes and sides/options a little bit more.

Other Side of Home


It’s been a while since I wrote a post…for some reason the end of July wanted to get extremely busy for me out of the blue. As of yesterday, I finally managed to finish off all of the work that we had left over from previous events and finally made it up to date. One of the things that these busy 2 weeks managed to provide me was the gift of travel, and by travel I mean almost all over Downtown LA to Norwalk in which I took a photo of the Green Line at the Norwalk Metro Station. It’s not too often I would travel out towards this way, but I figured why not? It was actually really hot on this day, hitting about 96 to 98 degrees and luckily the loading area is downstairs right under the highway. The photo I took is of the Bee statue that is seen as soon as you exit from the station via Rail (entering if you’re driving), and I was confused. I really want to look into the history behind the Bee as a statue here, considering it could be a local thing. Next project of curiosity? Take a picture at every stop/station on the Green Line route.


Bonus photo: A shot of the Light Rail awaiting departure downstairs from the station. The Norwalk Metro Station is the end of the Green Line, just as the Redondo Beach Station is the beginning. To ride from beginning to end, it takes roughly about 14 stops within Los Angeles County.

A Extra Weekend Pt.2


A quick photo of a selection of buildings that are located within Downtown Los Angeles, this was taken during my trip to Anime Expo 2015 earlier in the month. Surprisingly, I was able to snap a clean shot of the outside as I was walking through the extension that connects both portions of the Convention Center. Normally, crossing from the Entertainment Hall to the West Hall would be literally packed with people at almost all times of the con, just like this:


From the start of the con to practically the finish, there was always a flood of people transitioning from one hall to another. What made it even more unique was that it was such a open environment, especially when it comes to complete strangers who may have never met a day in their life but are willing to share and talk about the same passions and love for the one thing that brought them here. It was quite the feel good vibe that made the whole event that much more amazing. Though I still have more pictures to share,I’m already stamping my dates down for next year to do it all over again.

The calming ambience.